What Should You Do if You Slip and Fall on Government Property?

business man falling next to a wet floor sign

Enduring an injury from a slip and fall accident is never fun. While some may be able to stand right back up and walk away with only a few bruises, others may sustain broken bones or spinal cord injuries. If you slip and fall on government property it can complicate the legal process of pursuing compensation. Contact a Memphis premises liability lawyer for assistance and skilled legal advice.

When is the Government Responsible for Your Injury?

The government, just like any individual, can be found responsible for your injury if certain conditions are met. The only way they can be held liable is if the injury occurred on government property due to the agency’s hazardous and negligent behavior.

For example, if you are on government property and you trip over your own untied shoe, the government cannot be blamed for any injury you sustain. The causing factor in this instance was your shoelace which has nothing to do with the government entity.

However, suppose you are walking through the lobby of a government building and slip on a wet floor, fracturing your ankle. The floor was wet because of a leak that the building owners knew about but failed to resolve. In this instance, the government can be held liable for the costs associated with your injury. They acted negligently by not fixing the leak when they knew it existed and that it could pose a risk to patrons.

A government agency can be held liable for your injury as long as you can prove that their negligence was the direct cause of your accident.

What Action Should You Take After a Slip and Fall on Government Property?

There are some actions that you should take after sustaining an injury from a slip and fall on any property. You should always pursue compensation if it is deserved. However, your timeline may be different if your accident took place on government property.

  • First, make your way to a hospital or doctor to be treated. You should prioritize your health and healing from your injury so make sure you are seeking the medical attention you need.
  • Next, document all relevant information. You should keep track of your medical bills and expenses as well as diagnoses from medical professionals. Try to document the environment of the accident by taking photos or videos. A picture is worth a thousand words and can be used to prove what hazard caused your injury.
  • Research the statute of limitations for a slip and fall in your state. Under Tennessee state law, the statute of limitations to file a slip and fall claim or lawsuit is one year from the date of the accident. However, when you are bringing a lawsuit against a government agency the deadline may be shorter.
  • Hire a team of skilled lawyers. You should work with an attorney to equip yourself with knowledgeable representation. Your lawyer will help you navigate the legal process and can answer any questions you have including information about statutes of limitations.