What Should I Do if My Loved One Developed Bedsores in a Nursing Home or Hospital?

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When you have a loved one staying in a nursing home or hospital, you expect a certain standard of care. What you do not expect is a level of neglect and lack of caring that results in a family member developing bedsores. If you believe that a facility acted irresponsibly and caused your loved one harm, you need to hold them accountable with the help of a Memphis bedsore lawyer.

What Should I Do If I Notice Bedsores?

If you notice that your loved one has bedsores, you need to act quickly. You should:

  • Take pictures of the bedsores and any other injuries you can see
  • Make sure that your loved one receives medical treatment right away
  • Tell the nursing home or hospital about your loved one’s injuries
  • Remove your loved one from the hospital or nursing home if you feel like they are in immediate danger

If you believe that your loved one has developed bedsores and other injuries due to the neglect of the staff and doctors charged with their care, then they need to be held responsible. A Memphis bedsore attorney can help you build a case and show how this facility, which was supposed to care for your loved one, has caused them harm.

How Can a Bedsore Lawyer Help Me?

Your lawyer can help you build a case and hold the negligent parties responsible for the harm that they have caused. They can also make sure that you do not miss the cutoff for pursuing your case, also known as the statute of limitations. You have just one year to pursue legal action in a nursing home abuse and neglect case.

Can My Loved One Be Compensated in a Bedsores Case?

You and your loved one should receive compensation in a case like this. Your attorney can calculate fair compensation, and then they will help you fight for it. You are fighting for two types of damages in a bedsore case:

Economic: A person with bedsores needs medical care, and those bills are likely to add up quickly. You may also have to take the time and expense to find a new care facility for your loved one now that they have had this horrid experience. Economic damages are meant to reimburse you for these kinds of costs in a case like this.

Noneconomic: Bedsores are not just an injury that is going to cost money to treat. A patient in a hospital or nursing home who has developed bedsores has lived through a traumatic situation. Noneconomic damages can reimburse someone for the mental anguish and the other pain and suffering they have experienced as a result of their mistreatment.

A compensation offer that does not also account for the psychological toll this event has taken on your family is not a serious one.

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