Can I Get a Restricted License in Tennessee?

restricted license tennessee

For one reason or another, the court suspended your Tennessee driver’s license. Unfortunately, the court did not simultaneously suspend your work, educational or medical obligations. Thankfully, Tennessee does offer drivers a form of restricted license. For more information on who qualifies and how to obtain one, please read on, then contact an experienced Memphis DUI defense lawyer today.

How do you get a restricted license in Tennessee?

Individuals whose licenses have been revoked or suspended may submit an application to obtain a restricted driver’s license that will allow them to drive to certain places. Once you submit the application, the court will schedule a hearing, where you, the applicant, will present evidence detailing why your inability to drive and a lack of reasonable alternative transportation methods may jeopardize your employment. Please note that if the court granted you a restricted license, you will need to report to your probation officer’s office and schedule ignition interlock device monitoring appointments. As a driver with a restricted license, you must use the ignition interlock device at all times while operating your vehicle in order for your restricted license to remain valid.

What is the application process for a restricted license?

To apply for a restricted license, you must obtain a certified order from the court where convicted or in your county of residence, signed by the judge after he or she determines you are not likely to repeat the offense or fail to comply with the restrictions of the license. You must also obtain a SR-22 from your liability insurance company showing that your insurance is currently in effect. You must take your original certified Court Order and a copy to a Driver Services Center within ten days of the date of the Court Order along with any other required documentation. If the court requires an individual to be restricted to vehicles with functioning ignition interlock devices, the device must be installed on the vehicle and installation papers must be presented at the Driver Services Center.

Where does a restricted license allow you to drive in Tennessee?

A restricted license would allow you to drive to the following locations following the revocation or suspension of your official license:

  • Your regular place of employment
  • An office, meeting or function with your probation officer
  • A court-ordered alcohol safety program
  • A college or university, if enrolled as a full-time student
  • A scheduled interlock monitoring appointment
  • An outpatient alcohol or drug treatment program
  • Your regular place of worship for regularly scheduled religious services

Who is eligible for a restricted license?

The Volunteer State places few restrictions on who may obtain a restricted license. Individuals who do not qualify for a restricted license are those who have been convicted of:

  • DUI in the past ten years
  • Vehicular homicide by intoxication
  • Aggravated vehicular homicide
  • Vehicular assault by intoxication

Additionally, commercial driver’s license holders also do not qualify for a restricted license under any circumstances, even if the violation occurred in a non-commercial vehicle.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to a skilled Memphis criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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