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When faced with an injury caused by a defective product, you can’t just hire any attorney; you need a Memphis defective product lawyer who is familiar with the various intricacies associated with product liability claims. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Ballin, Ballin & Fishman, PC today.

Memphis Defective Product Lawyer | Here to Help You

Big corporations and other companies that design and manufacture goods for the American consumer are responsible for ensuring their products are safe. When they fail to do so and someone is hurt, they must be held accountable. You can rely on a Memphis personal injury lawyer here at our firm to fight for your rights through every step of the process.

Defective Product Injury Claims in Tennessee

When someone is hurt by an unsafe product, it is most likely because of either:

  • Negligent product design: A product’s safety starts with its design. When a product is unsafely designed, it poses a risk to all those who use it. That said, to win a personal injury claim on the basis of a negligent product design, you and your Memphis defective product lawyer will have to prove that there was a safer and cost-effective means to design the product that wouldn’t hinder its functionality. This is not always easy, which is why you need an experienced attorney on your side.
  • Negligent product manufacturer: When a product is safe at first, but the manufacturer neglects to follow blueprints and causes the product to become unsafe, serious injuries can result.
  • Failure to warn: All products that can pose a potential safety hazard should come with a warning, such as choking hazard labels. When they don’t and someone is hurt, that person may have a case.

Dangerous Dietary Supplements & Defective Medical Devices

We live in a time where medical advances have come a very long way. We have access to a wide array of dietary supplements, medications, and medical devices all designed to help improve the quality of our lives. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for any of these products to cause adverse reactions or injuries. If you’ve been harmed, you need an attorney who is well-versed in these types of product liability claims. Our firm has significant experience in handling injury claims that stem from dangerous dietary supplements, medications, and defective medical devices.

Proving Your Claim

A critical part of proving a product liability claim is preserving the product that caused your injury, i.e. not throwing it away. By preserving the product, we can prove, first-hand, how and why it was defective and that it was the direct cause of your injury. You should also take care to photograph the scene of the accident and the product defect, ask anyone who saw your accident for their contact information, and ensure you seek medical treatment at once. Finally, you should speak with a competent Memphis defective product lawyer as soon as you can.

Contact a Memphis Defective Product Lawyer

If you’ve been harmed by a defective product, the time to act is now. Our firm is here to help. Contact Ballin, Ballin & Fishman, PC today to schedule your free initial consultation with our seasoned product liability lawyers.

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