How Will a Felony Conviction Impact My Career?

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A felony conviction can follow you around for life, so it can impact your career. Whether you are just starting out in your field, still getting your education, or climbing the ladder at your current job, a conviction can wreck everything. So if you are charged with a felony, you need to take it seriously. You need to be ready to defend yourself, preferably with the help of a Memphis criminal defense attorney.

Can a Felony Conviction Affect My Professional License?

Many types of workers require a license of some sort. Real estate agents, electricians, and most types of therapists are just a few examples of professions that require a license. These boards that give out licenses do not take their jobs lightly. Your felony conviction can easily result in a suspension or revocation of your license, especially if your crime is related to your profession. A good example is a pharmacist who is convicted of crimes involving drugs.

If you have yet to apply for a professional license, your felony conviction can be a burden. Your criminal history can be considered during the application process. While it may not be an automatic disqualification, you could face an uphill battle to receive approval.

Can a Felony Conviction Get Me Fired By My Current Job?

A conviction can also get you fired from your current job easily. If you have to take time away to serve your sentence, an employer can probably fire you. They can also fire you because they think you present a danger in the workplace or because they just do not want your actions to affect their reputation.

Can a Felony Conviction Prevent Me From Getting Certain Jobs?

Depending on the nature of the crime you committed, a felony conviction can also prevent you from getting certain jobs once your sentence is served. Industries that deal with heavy regulations, like trucking and the chemical industry, might see you as a risky hire. If your felony was violent in nature, it would be difficult to get jobs that would put you around children or other vulnerable populations. There are probably going to be a few doors closed to you no matter what you were convicted of.

Do I Need an Attorney?

Defending yourself on your own can be tough. A criminal defense lawyer from our firm has experience with cases just like yours. Your attorney will be able to look at your case and develop the best possible defensive strategy. From there they can:

  • Poke holes in the prosecution’s case against you
  • Get evidence and charges thrown out
  • Protect your constitutional rights
  • Handle any communications for you
  • Prepare you for testimony or depositions
  • Answer any questions that you have
  • Evaluate plea bargains and help you plead down to lesser charges

If your career is really on the line here, you need to act like it and make sure that you have an experienced legal professional on your side.

Reach Out to Our Legal Team

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