How Important Is It to Get a Store Incident Report?

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A store incident report can be a valuable piece of evidence if you get injured in an accident at a grocery store or a similar establishment. If you think that you will end up pursuing damages, it is important to make sure that the store incident report is filled out properly and that you can get a copy. This can be a valuable piece of evidence if you decide to pursue compensation with the help of a Memphis premises liability lawyer.

When Does a Store Need to Fill Out a Store Incident Report?

In most establishments, they must fill out a store incident report if someone gets injured on the premises. So if you are a customer and you slip and fall due to a spill or another hazard, then a report needs to be filed. If you are able to, you will be asked to weigh in on the report and tell your side of the story. You can also review the report before you sign it and request a copy of it.

What Should Be in the Store Incident Report?

A store incident report should contain enough information to give others a complete picture of what happened to you. A report should tell people:

  • When and where the accident happened
  • What injuries you suffered at the time
  • If there were any witnesses to the accident

You should also be clear about what happened when asked for your side of the story. You should say what hazard caused your accident and why. You need to make it clear that the store did something wrong by not dealing with this hazard before a customer got injured. When you make the blame clear, that can make the store incident report a useful piece of evidence in a personal injury suit.

Can I Sue for Compensation After a Store Accident?

Yes, you can sue for compensation if you believe that the store and its management were to blame for your injuries. As a customer, you were invited onto the property and were owed a duty of care. The people in charge of managing the property created an unsafe environment through their own negligence.

You may receive an initial offer from the store’s insurer, but these offers are rarely enough to make up for what accident victims have experienced. If the insurance company will not give you enough money to reimburse you for your expenses, then you should sue for damages that can help you cover:

  • The cost of past and future medical care
  • Lost wages
  • A loss of earning potential
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Any other past and future pain and suffering

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