What Should I Do if I’m Injured by a Drunk Driver in Tennessee?

Drunk driving

Though this time of year is typically a time of celebration and cheer, the unfortunate reality is that often, people celebrate irresponsibly and get behind the wheel of their vehicles after having one or more drinks. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk driving accidents account for roughly one-third of all traffic fatalities. This is inexcusable, which is why our firm is here to seek justice for those who’ve been injured at the hands of a drunk driver in Tennessee. If you find yourself in this situation, you most likely have several questions. Please continue reading and reach out to our Memphis auto accident lawyer to learn more about how we can help.

What should I do after being hurt in an accident involving a drunk driver?

Though this is true with just about any type of accident, if you were injured in an accident involving a drunk driver, the most important thing you can do is pick up the phone and call the police. The police, as well as emergency medical services, will come to the scene of the accident. They will assess the situation, most likely breathalyze the intoxicated driver, and treat any injuries sustained in the accident. If the breath test proves the driver was over the legal limit, we can use this as proof in your personal injury claim. If you can, you should also try to take pictures of the accident and its aftermath, gather witness contact information, and keep a copy of all medical documents regarding your injuries. Finally, you should reach out to our firm so we can begin the claims process on your behalf.

Does Tennessee have a dram shop law in place?

Many states, including Tennessee, have dram shop laws in place. Essentially, the dram shop law in Tennessee states that if an establishment (such as a bar) serves a person alcohol who is either under the age of 21 or already visibly intoxicated and that person causes an accident and injures another as a result, the injured party may sue both the driver and the establishment that served the driver. Our Memphis personal injury lawyer has significant experience handling injury cases involving Tennesse’s dram shop law. The bottom line is that if you were hurt because of a drunk driver under any circumstance, you can call on us to help.

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