What Should I Do If I’m Wrongly Accused of Sexual Assault?

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If you get accused of sexual assault, whether or not it is a false accusation does not really matter. The next steps are the same. You need to protect yourself and you need to begin forming a defense. A Memphis sex crimes lawyer can help you build a case and fend off these false accusations.

Can I Just Ignore the Accusations of Sexual Assault?

No. Even if these are false accusations, a case can move ahead against you even without your input. So it is wise to respond to the charges and prepare to defend yourself.

Should I Try to Tell My Side of the Story?

We do not recommend this. Trying to get your side of the story out may seem like a good idea and a quick way to clear up an understanding, but things rarely go that smoothly. People usually try three things after being falsely accused of a crime like sexual assault, and we do not recommend any of them:

Talking to the accuser: There is little chance of this helping you and strong odds that confronting your accuser will just make things worse.

Speaking to the police: There is no good reason to try and tell your side of the story to the police. Let your lawyer do the speaking for you.

Taking to social media: It can be tempting to tell your story online, especially if others are disparaging via social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. The posts you make could potentially be used against you though, and they probably won’t help you too much in the first place.

What Should I Do After Getting Accused of Sexual Assault?

Hiring a defense attorney is what you should do after getting accused of sexual assault. Do not talk to anyone about the case. If cops have questions or the accuser has something to say, your lawyer is there to talk for you and protect you from potential self-incrimination.

What Are the Potential Penalties for Sexual Assault?

The punishment for sexual assault can vary based on the circumstances, your criminal record, and exactly what you are accused of. Jail time and high fines are likely punishments though, and some verdicts can result in sentences as long as 60 years and fines as high as $50,000! You may also need to place yourself on the sex offender registry. This is why you need to take these charges seriously, even if the accusation is a false one.

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