What Types of Outside Experts Can Potentially Help With a Personal Injury Case?

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Your own testimony can make a difference in a personal injury case, but sometimes you need backup. Outside experts who can testify on your behalf can be that backup, and a Memphis personal injury lawyer from our firm can put you in contact with any expert that you need.

Why Do I Need Outside Experts?

You may not technically “need” outside experts, but they can do a lot to help you make your case. Having one testify on your behalf can make it easier to push for certain types of compensation or show how someone else contributed to or caused your accident. In personal injury cases we have seen:

  • Medical experts talk about a client’s injuries and their prognosis
  • Life care planners speak about what kinds of care costs a family is going to face after a loved one is injured in an accident
  • Accident reconstruction experts who could show how a particular party was responsible for causing an accident
  • Someone in the vocational rehabilitation industry who can speak with authority about how an accident victim’s injuries can affect their ability to work in the future

These outside experts can make a difference. A jury might believe you when you say that your injuries make it hard to work or that you will face medical problems for the rest of your life. The testimony of someone else, someone with expertise and no apparent bias toward you, can potentially be even more convincing.

Can I Find Outside Experts On My Own?

You might be able to, but it can be an involved process. You need to be able to vet these people on your own and determine whether or not they can add value to your case. You also might end up needing to pay them out of pocket. When you look at the expense of time and money involved, you might find that it is easier to just hire a lawyer who already has a network of expert witnesses to rely on.

What Else Can My Personal Injury Attorney Do For Me?
An attorney can also do more for you aside from finding credible expert witnesses. Your lawyer can:

  • Field settlement offers and calculate fair compensation
  • Speak to insurance companies and other parties in involved in your case for you
  • Gather evidence and talk to witnesses
  • Keep you updated on your case
  • Defend you against any accusations of fault or wrongdoing

If you act quickly, your lawyer can also get the legal process started and ensure that you do not miss your chance to pursue damages due to the statute of limitations. In most cases you have just a year to begin pursuing a personal injury suit.

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