Who is Liable for a Daycare Accident in Tennessee?

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To take care of their children during the workday, many working parents have no choice but to trust a daycare. Thankfully, most daycare facilities have responsible practices and personnel, but this may not always be the case. You are most likely looking into taking legal action if your child has sustained significant harm from a negligent daycare. To learn more about who is liable for a daycare accident in Tennessee and how our legal team can assist you, please read on, then reach out to an experienced Memphis premises liability lawyer. Some questions you may have include:

Should you sign a daycare liability release form in Tennessee?

Quite often, a daycare center will ask a parent or guardian to sign something called a daycare liability release when they enroll their child in daycare. Considering that this document essentially waives the daycare’s liability in the event your child sustains injuries, our legal team would advise you against signing it.

You can still file a personal injury claim even if you have already signed a daycare liability release and your child comes to harm as a direct result of the daycare’s negligence. After a careful discussion of your rights and responsibilities, our skilled Memphis personal injury lawyer can fight for the compensation your child deserves and needs to recover.

What constitutes negligence in a daycare accident in Tennessee?

Sadly, the daycare could negligently endanger the well-being of your child in countless ways. Nonetheless, some of the common types of daycare negligence cases our firm sees include:

  • Leaving sharp objects, such as scissors, lying around
  • Leaving small objects, such as Legos, paperclips or other choking hazards, lying around where very young children may find them and place them in their mouths
  • Failing to ensure that employees keep all cleaning supplies in a safe location and away from children, because children may confuse the colored and sweet-smelling liquids with flavored drinks
  • Failing to ensure the proper maintenance of playground equipment
  • Having unsafe air or water conditions, i.e. mold or disturbed asbestos in the air

How do you know your child is the victim of daycare negligence?

Much as you might not like to think about daycare neglect, you should look out for certain signs, such as your child:

  • Losing weight
  • Consistently complaining of thirst or hunger upon leaving the daycare
  • Having unexplained cuts or bruises

If you suspect your child is the victim of daycare abuse or negligence, you should call our legal team as soon as possible. Our firm is here to help you.

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